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​This is what Kamen Bryag means for us. What does it mean for you?


Kamen Bryag is not just an ordinary vacation destination.

It rather became a way of life for many during the last two decades...

Welcome to Kamen Bryag! Right on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast you will find a village with unique atmosphere and energy. Just ten minutes away is the well-known Yailata National Reserve famous for its flora, fauna and archaeological sites.
The big cliffs make this area almost inaccessible, except via a few narrow paths among the rocks. The fields there end abruptly with high rocks descending straight to the sea level.
You can see number of caves in the vertical cliffs hanging over the sea. Their smoothened walls and niches dug deeply into the rock and prove the existence of an ancient cave settlement here. History, nature and contemporary tourist life united to give birth to the unique spirit of the village of Kamen Bryag. It is one of the most wanted holiday spots for those looking to escape from the busy everyday life. The area is quiet and peaceful, far away & totally opposite to the overbuild South.

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"I am happy to be a small part of this great tradition called July Morning"

John Lawton, vocalist - Uriah Heep

"We are a small municipality, but with a massive number of historical, natural, cultural and all other kind of attractions"

Tsonko Tsonev, mayor - Kavarna


​Kamen Bryag is a popular destination for the celebration of July Morning rock festival. In Bulgaria, there is a tradition called July Morning  as an echo from the hippy era in the 1980s and maybe as far back as the 1970s. Young (and not so young) people, from all over the country, travel (often hitchhike) to the Black Sea coast on the night of June 30, to meet the first sun rays on the 1 July. Naturally, British rock band Uriah Heep's 1971 hit July Morning is the main refrain.

On special occasions folklore concerts are also organized by the village administration with the participation of local folk ensemble Kamenbryazhkite babi (The Kamen Bryag Grannies). The grannies are Kamen Bryag's celebrities after taking part in a solid number of national and international folklore festivals. You would be lucky to hear them live on a public holiday.


Kamen Bryag is the biggest Deep Water Solo (DWS) climbing site in Bulgaria according to ClimbingGuideBg.com.

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Eternal Flame in Kamen Bryag


The Eternal Fire is a very bizarre place to see. For many years it has been one of the most visited landmarks of the village. It is a remnant if gas-drilling in the past, a never-ending source which ignited never stops the fire on the surface. It has been used by the backpackers in the tents around as a barbeque and a place to sit and chat with strangers. It of course has a central place on the July Morning Festival, being considered as a cult spot by the hard-rock enthusiasts. After a couple of tragic incidents, it was moved some 20 m. away from where it originally was by a pipe.

Visiting the Eternal Fire is a must for every guest of the village, though you must be careful with your steps by not walking too close to the end of the cliffs.   

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