Frequently Asked Questions 

За Нас

Is smoking allowed in your premises?

Smoking inside the premises of Villa Yaila and the Yellow House is forbidden according to the ammendmends of 2012 of the Regulation of Republic of Bulgaria on Public Health.

Do you accept group reservations and how do I book a group?

Yes. Your group is very welcome! We have so far been visited by number of groups in connection with wedding, summer schools, July Morning festivals and other. Please fill out our request form in details or call us. Be aware that special rules may apply with regard to the pleasant and peaceful stay of our other guests at the moment.

Can I pay by cheque or by credit card?

Unfortunately we do not have a terminal installed and we do not accept cheques. We accept only cash and Bulgarian levs (BGN).

I want to come just for July Morning, when is the best time to book?

The July Morning festival or the week incl. 30 June - 1 July is the absolute peak of the season in Kamen Bryag. Over 20 000 visitors are coming to enjoy this well-known rock event. If you would like to book that week or partucular nights we strongly advice you to contact us as early as minimum five months in advance. Sometimes we get fully booked by Christmas on the previous year.

How can I make a special request regarding my stay?

Special requests can be made when making your booking online or by phone. Requests for room or smoking preferences, as well as any requests noted in comments section during the reservation process online can be made. Special requests are not guaranteed and will be honored depending on availability at check-in, but we will do our very best to accommodate the request. If you have specific needs or questions regarding your request, please call Villa Yaila directly.

I have a pet. Can i bring it during my stay?

We allow pets, because pets also love Kamen Bryag. Just give us a detail regarding what kind of standard pet you would like to bring so we can come back to you with some useful information.

Do children stay free at Villa Yaila?

Children under 4 years of age stay free at villa Yaila. children between the age of 4 and 10 are charged 50% or the regular price.

Is air-conditioning included in the price?

Due to our low prices and the high costs on electricity the Air Conditioning is provided at extra price. Please ask our staff about the additional price. (It is usualy 30% per night of the regular price per guest)

Can I use the washing machine in the dining room?

We provide laundry services at extra price. Please ask for this service one of our employees.

Can I hire a bike?

We will be offering bikes to hire in the near future.

Can I buy fresh ecological vegetables from your garden?

Yes. You are very welcome to try our self-grown vegetables and fruits at any time. We charge the average market price for the season.

Can I use the dining hall as a restaurant and listen to music on a high volume whenever I want?

No. The peaceful and quiet stay of our guests is our utmost priority. We disagree that other guests and/or neighbors will be disturbed during the day or especially in the night. This rule is in force even if you have your own sound equipment or your company has booked all of our premises. Of course in case of very special occasions as weddings or other ceremonies we can discuss the matter with you. We remind you that we are very strict on this point and it can lead to cancelling your period of stay.

I legaly possess a gun. Can I bring it with me during my stay?

No. As we currently do not provide a safe to hold it it is strictly forbidden to bring any gun or other dangerous weapons/tools with you. We as well will not be hold legally responsible for any of the above-mentioned.

What if I left an item at the villa?

For lost items, please contact Villa Yaila directly. If you can do so as soon as you realize your item is missing it is more likely that your item can be found. Villa Yaila will then advise you on how to get the item returned to you.

I have a marketing opportunity I'd like to present to Villa Yaila, who should I contact?

Please contact Svilen Sotirov or fill out our online request form.


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