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What is hiding just minutes away? Find out here.

Kamen Bryag offers not only beaches, but rather a complete summer experience. By choosing our village you are at an equal distance to all of the fascinating, amazing places from a kilometer to 30 kilometers away in both directions - north and south.

Yailata Beach, Kamen Bryag
Periloto Beach, Kamen Bryag
Russalka Resort
Bolata and Cape Kaliakra
Shabla and The Lighthouse
Kavarna Beach
Dalboka Mussel Farm
Krapets Beach

The most beautiful place near Kamen Bryag is Yailata National Reserve. Just 10 minutes walking from Villa Yaila, you will get to this natural conservation area, taking a sightseeing tour or just a sunbath down the beach. It is so wild so you can see plenty of small fish and crabs of different sizes underwater. It is an amazing place to see and explore along with its archaeological heritage. In the vicinity of the cliffs there is number of ancient Thracian necropolis dating back in II-V century A.D. Another fascinating site is the Byzantine fortress in the heart of the complex.  The richness of the  flora and fauna in Yailata Reserve cannot be described in couple of sentences - it must be seen! Scientists have registered 270 animal species on this small area.


Just 15 minutes away from your room is the Kamen Bryag's own Periloto beach. This used to be the most-visited spot of Kamen Bryag. Preferred from the local inhabitants until the end of the 90s , this was the place where the fishermen docked their boats in the past. It has been a long time since there were no boats there, but it is one of the cleanest beaches in Bulgaria. If underwater diving is among your interests then Periloto is a great starting point. Just meters away from the very popular Eternal  Fire, Periloto area is now a temporary summer home for many backpackers who live in tents around it. It is a rocky beach as well, so you need to consider a type of shoes to get there easily.  In order to keep it ecological the municipality of Kavarna has decided not to make any improvements. Leave the car and take a walk, the smell of herbs is divine.


Five kilometers away from Villa Yaila is situated the village of Tyulenovo. It is recommended for those who like to get away from the civilization and get to a place barely changed though the years. If you are a diver, you like fishing or just to get out in the nature this village named on the true seals is just for you.


Russalka Resort has the closest sandy beaches to Villa Yaila. It is located just  6 km away and easy to get by car or a bicycle. There are three beaches, as one of them is inside the holiday village and it is paid (price in 2012 was 1,50 EUR/person). Definitely a nice place to get a drink or a meal as there are two large restaurants in the area. Visit it if you feel that lounge time has come. 


​Bolata is a lovely sandy beach on the way to cape Kaliakra. Former military base of the Warsaw Pact it is now entirely demilitarized and gaining more and more popularity. You will love this surrealistic place and its coastline  from first glance. There is a bar-restaurant and pedalos available to rent. Kaliakra cape is a kilometer away and an opportunity to see the unforgettable sunset after your sunbath at Bolata.


Another fascinating site to visit is the lighthouse in Shabla. Just 10 km. away from Villa Yaila it is one of the landmarks of the Northern Bulgarian Black sea coast. A number of sunken world-war relics - large marine vessels can be found underwater,  worth seeing for divers. Do not miss seeing this place,  its landscape will  surely leave memories in you.


The biggest town nearby is Kavarna - 18 km away. It changed fundamentally during the last ten years. The town has currently a status of hot cultural and tourist destination on the North Bulgarian Black Sea coast. World-famous rock and heavy metal bands played on number of occasions in Kavarna, so if you are a music enthusiast you must visit the town in the right time. The beach is large, sandy with fascinating landscape.


​Dalboka Mussel Farm  became very popular in the recent years, not because of the beach, but rather due to the fresh mussel cuisine that offers. It is a private business located between Balgarevo and Kavarna. It is not so traditional but rather original way to experience Bulgarian hospitality. The owners originate from the village nearby, so they surely know the secrets of the well prepared mussel and fish dishes. Just 15 km. SW from Villa Yaila.


Krapets is an interesting place to see, located 30 km. away from Villa Yaila. Those who prefer sandy beaches have an 8 km. virgin sandy coastline to enjoy. It is also famous with the Durankular and Shabla Lakes, the first of which is also proclaimed as a biological and archaeological reserve of national importance. A large collection of ancient artifacts have been found in both underwater and terrestrial excavations in the area. 


Balchik is situated on a longest distance from Villa Yaila, though it is just 40 kilometers. The town is surely worth seeing with its biggest in Bulgaria Botanic Garden. In Balchik you will be probably interested to visit the Palace of the Romanian Queen Marie, where she enjoyed spending her summer for a short period before she passed away in 1938. The seaside alley is a popular tourist spot as you can enjoy a drink at a number of bars and restaurants.

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