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It all started in 2008 when the villa was finally finished and the family decided that we want to do something different than just to live there. We believe that Kamen Bryag is a fantastic place to get away from the everyday life by connecting with the nature and the ancient history. Of course we understand that travel is kind of luxury sometimes in a world where the cost of living is always going up. That is why we directed our efforts in offering traditional Bulgarian hospitality on a reasonable price. Since 2008 we welcomed hundreds of families, couples, groups and even adventure schools to stay and enjoy their vacation with us. We are doing our best in order our guests to be pleased with our services and willing to come back. 

Since 2010 we made a lot of investments in new facilities, such as dining room, new bathrooms, satellite television, air conditioning and so on. We will continue in the future to make improvements, but we will never change our business model of offering hospitality on a reasonable price. For us it is important that Kamen Bryag is a place for the ordinary people and it will stay like this for many years ahead. 

We have been lucky to be visited so far by guests of different nationalities. Romanians, Polish, Germans, Portuguese, Americans, Austrians are among those we welcomed. The purpose of this website is to spread the rumor so that even you, who just learned about Kamen Bryag would be curious to know more. 

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